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Tony Herrington

Martin Archer, the Sheffield based improvisor, composer and owner of the Discus label, has started an avant community choir project called Juxtavoices in South Yorkshire, and is looking for more eager voices to swell its ranks.

Choir membership is open to any singer irrespective of training, ie no previous experience of either group singing or improvising is required. The repertoire mixes simple scores and instructions with improvised elements, which often allow the choir itself to determine the shape of the music as it progresses. Rehearsals begin with workshop style exercises which are designed to encourage the choir's confidence in using non standard techniques, including improvisation.

The choir meets once a month in Sheffield, and the objective is to be in a position to perform and record in 2011. The choir currently has 25 members, including a large slice of Sheffield's leftfield music, visual arts and literary communities, but is looking to double that number.

Anyone interested in joining should contact Martin via huckleberry [at] or via the Discus site