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Adventures In Modern Music 5 March 09

Derek Walmsley

Judging by the arcane, scrawled notes I've got in front of me from Chris Bohn's Adventures In Modern Music show on Resonance FM last night, his head is stuck out in the East, as per usual – there were tracks from the recent release from the late Fushitsusha bassist Yasushi Ozawa entitled Some Fragments Of Bass Performance, plus a new duo of Keiji Haino and Masataka Fujikake. There's also yet Korean stuff after his recent Resonance FM show: Kim Changwan Band are veteran garage rockers with roots in the group San Ul Lim. However, Chris's heart resides in the Midlands, judging by a cover of Slade's "Gudbuy T'Jane" by Condo Fucks (the alter-ego of Yo La Tengo). There's also stuff from Dziga Vertov's early experimental Soviet film soundtracks and Henry Cow. You can download here.