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DIY Radio

Nathan Budzinski

It's interesting to find pirate radio stations popping up throughout Simon Reynolds's essays on the Hardcore Continuum (which we've been posting on our site as part of The Wire 300) and how important they are for disseminating music that's too quick/difficult for mainstream media to keep up with or handle. In a timely way then, I ran across this video guide on how to build your own low powered radio station, via the free103point9 blog (a NY-based arts radio organisation) from Radio Free Berkeley. I suppose now that podcast technology is fairly common and easy to use the thought of building your own analogue radio station from scratch can seem exhausting if not pointless... Still, maybe broadcasting via the radio spectrum can beat the internet for a feeling of specificity to a place/scene, something that sometimes gets filtered or flattened out through the ease of the Really Simple Syndication of iTunes/Blogger/YouTube/MySpace technology...
How To Make a Radio Station from Free Radio on Vimeo.