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The Wire presents The Scope

Derek Walmsley

Still suffering pangs of remorse over the death of Karlheinz Stockhausen earlier in the year? He's certainly still in our hearts here – we even have a framed picture of him in the office, which we keep in a special place where we contemplate his ideas and legacy. So, inspired by the works of the man himself, we're hosting a free, special, multi-media happening at the Southbank tomorrow. Think we're joking? This is Stockhausen – we are, of course, deadly serious. Art collectives are being mobilised. Concepts are being discussed in high-level meetings. Way out sounds will be dropped. In fact all the events will build on the ideas of Stockhausen, and it promises to be a great night:

The Wire presents The Scope
A free, late-night event as part of Klang (see UK Festivals) programmed by The Wire with performance by a crew of laptop technicians led by John Wall plus an Improv session with Pat Thomas, Mark Sanders and John Coxon bookending a rare screening of The Brothers Quay’s In Absentia (which visualises Stockhausen’s music), as well as the sounds of Radio Cologne in the lobby. London Purcell Room, 7 November free

Live art is by Contemporary Art Collective and DJing are Ed Pinsent and Philip Sanderson or Resonance FM. Stage times are roughly as follows – John Wall around 10pm, FURT are playing around 10:20, then after the film screening we'll have John Coxon, Pat Thomas and Mark Sanders doing a piece for two pianos, percussion and electronics.
The Scope