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Listening To The Office To Make Music To Listen To In The Office

Derek Walmsley

You may have noticed the Real Office Ambience, field recordings of The Wire office recorded by Jez riley French, which you can download from our website.

Jez's contact mics seem to have disturbed some karmic balance at The Wire, because I've sensed several weird audio disturbance since he's been in. The noise-cancelling headphones that are an essential part of a Reviews Editor’s armoury have started feeding back strangely when the battery runs down, giving a wistful, medium pitched sinewave like a robotic sigh before they conk out; the portable CD player that I keep close at hand has started skipping on the first track, so that a Touchin' Bass compilation of electro began to sound like Errorsmith crossed with Oval; then the jack plug of my iPod started malfunctioning, and a Rinse FM download of a funky/house set began to sound like it had been run through a ring modulator, leaving a ghost of the music without any impact or warmth.

The office ambience may never be the same again; perhaps some sacred convent has been broken.