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sampledelia and reggaeton cut-ups

Derek Walmsley

Interesting, flashback inducing, idea-gestating piece by Simon Reynolds on sample epiphanies.

My most recent sample epiphany was finally finding something which, cut-up wise, finally measures up to classic period 'ardkore for sheer dirty, use and abuse sample genius. Wayne Marshall indirectly pointed me in their direction, by bigging them up in a forthcoming Duke University book about reggeaton.

These reggaeton mixes by DJ Playero are the missing link between DJ Muggs and DJ Crystl:

DJ Playero 37 (Side A)
DJ Playero 37 (Side B)
DJ Playero 38

Postscript: it seems Wayne Marshall has handily just put a mix up on his site of versions of the Dem Bow rhythm, the foundational track of all reggaeton. Not since the Amen break has one track (originally by Shabba Ranks) been so responsible for so much music...