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Wire 300/Reynolds and the Hardcore Continuum

Derek Walmsley

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The February 2009 edition of The Wire is the magazine’s 300th issue. To mark the event, we have commissioned a series of exclusive online essays by a number of our regular writers and contributors that examine various musical trends and initiatives that have emerged during the lifetime of the zine (ie since the publication of its first issue back in the summer of 1982), and that still inform, influence and animate our world today. The essays will be posted here regularly throughout February.

As part of The Wire 300 online, we're putting up all of Simon Reynolds's essays documenting the rise of Hardcore, Jungle, Garage ... and beyond.

Simon's new introduction is now online, plus pieces on Hardcore Rave and Ambient Jungle. Further articles will be going up daily.

For me, it's not an exaggeration to say that, without this writing, I might well not be living in London and writing about music.