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Adventures In Modern Music 26 March 09

Derek Walmsley

Chris Bohn's Adventures In Modern Music show on Resonance FM last night included a mix from Ekkehard Ehlers, with scratchy vinyl delights from Alice Coltrane, Caetano Veloso and more. Other good stuff from the show included The Threshold Houseboys Choir, Trembling Bells and Super Vacations.



a small question. what is the point of this entry? i thought there would be a link to the show. to me this info is like someone telling me there was a reunion concert of the smiths last night in frankfurt, it was great. didn't you know about it? btw the smiths are one of my fave bands.

Fair point – there's been a delay getting the tracklisting and the download of this radio show up online. Once these are available – and it should be very soon – they'll be posted on this blog entry, and you'll be able to listen to the show in full. There's archives of many years of AIMM shows on The Wire website here:

thanks for the reply. my comment was a little on the rude side, sorry for that.

Last Thursday's Adventures In Modern Music hosted by Chris Bohn is now up (finally) and running right here:

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