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Ikki heintaður - non réclamé

Derek Walmsley

Despite our best efforts, efforts to locate the elusive Pom Pom records (see The Wire 303, now on sale) in the Faro Islands have hit a dead end. The search continues...



does it have anything to do with goodiepal?

We asked him about it when he was in the office recently – he is based in London – and if he does know anything about it, he's an amazingly good liar.

It most be Goodiepal, come on it is a classic Goodiepal move.

Is this their myspace?

If it is him he should become a poker player immediately.

That's someone different actually. There's no website. They put a fax number on one of their records, but we've faxed it, and it doesn't work.

Are they not distributed by Kompakt? Perhaps Michael Mayer or Wolfgang Voigt would know?

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