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Cocaine rap blues

Derek Walmsley

A new album in the office from the Re-Up Gang, the Clipse affiliated hiphop project. Cocaine rap is the hole this stuff gets pigeoned into, and the sleeve is predictably dusted with white powder. Despite, or perhaps because of, the lack of supposedly serious content, the lyrical form is often that much more impressive – shorn of conventional narrative and characterisation, the syllables and rhymes become super tight (you don't get many couplets like "I still feel belittled sittin' here spittin' riddles/Amongst clown ass rappers who tend to give me the giggles" anymore)

Nonetheless, I was devastated this week when one Clipse rhyme turned out to be not half as imaginative as I'd built it up to be. One of their rhymes started off something like "just waking up in the mondrian". Amazing, I thought, this line which subtitutes the almost-soundalike "mondrian" for "morning", thus giving this vivid feel of the primary colouredness of a really bright, burningly intense morning sun.

Turns out The Mondrian is a hotel. Indeed, the late Pimp C of UKG was actually found dead there.