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Black Metal Theory

Anne Hilde Neset

A 6 hour Black Metal theory symposium, called "Hideous Gnosis: A gathering dedicated to the mutual blackening of metal and theory", happened 12 December in Brooklyn. Ben Ratliff, who wrote a Primer article on Tropicalia for us – recently reprinted in The Wire Primers book (Verso) – has this summary in New York Times. Meanwhile, Dominic Fox's Cold World, The Aesthetics Of Dejection and The Politics Of Militant Dysphoria, examining, among other things the music of Burzum and Xasthur, has just been released on Zero Books. Burzum's first new release in 11 years will be released in March 2010, called Belus. Varg "The Count" Vikernes, the group's leader, was released from Norwegian jail this summer after serving 16 years for murder. He now lives in rural Telemark, Norway.

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