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ガラ刑GALAKEI features 55 layered recordings of communication and interpretation

Japanese underground musician Tori Kudo has a recording career spanning five decades. During this time he's played with many bands; Guys & Dolls, noise drone group Worst Noise, the free improv ensemble Ché-SHIZU, and others. Kudo is also the founder of Maher Shalal Hash Baz, the experimental rock band he forefronts with his partner Reiko Kudo.

He has claimed this latest release, ガラ刑GALAKEI, is his “life work”. The 55 track concept album is made up of various layers of sound, built from a methodical sequence of communication and interpretation. Whenever a melody popped into Kudo's head, he would record it on his old style cellular phone. He would then send the tune from his location in Tōon, Shikoku, to his friend Ai Geshi and her daughter Mari in Wakayama, who would record their own version of the melody. This was then sent back and forwarded to the Maher Shalal Hash Baz ensemble, who played and recorded their version in Tokyo. Kudo describesガラ刑GALAKEI as a “postal piece” themed around “the possibility of the transmission of inspiration sources”, inspired by ideas of Derrida and James Tenney.

ガラ刑GALAKEI is available via Bruit Direct Disques