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Hugo Glendenning video of Orazbayeva and Etchells’ collaboration

Seeping Through is a collaborative project between violinist Aisha Orazbayeva and artist/writer Tim Etchells. Improvised and recorded in one session, the video follows on from a four-hour improvised performance at the Edinburgh Forest Fringe, as well as a performance at London Contemporary Music Festival and on Radio 3's Late Junction. Last month Orazbayeva and Etchell resumed their collaboration for a live performance on NTS radio's Kit Records show.

Seeping Through is out now on Prah. This performance was filmed at Hugo Glendenning’s studio in London

Watch Colin Stetson's "SORROW: I"

Watch the full five minute video of Colin Stetson's "SORROW: I (Extract)", taken from his forthcoming reimagining of Henryk Górecki’s Symphony No 3.

Watch two videos by artist Lisa Busby

Watch “Platinum Ash Rose Gold” and “Hollow Blown Egg” by musician and artist Lisa Busby. Her debut release Fingers In The Gloss is out now via Bandcamp