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Watch a short documentary about English folk guitarist Simon Finn

Born in Surrey, Simon Finn moved to London in 1967 and began performing at local folk nights and restaurants. He released the LP Pass The Distance in 1969, which featured contributions from Paul Burwell, Ken Elliott and David Toop. He moved to Canada in 1974, where he remained until 2008 when he moved back to the UK, playing shows with the likes of David Tibet of Current 93.

Filmed by videomaker Gianmarco Del Re in London and Colchester between 2012–15, Pass The Distance: A Portrait Of Simon Finn includes an interview with the guitarist discussing the making of his 1969 album. It also features Finn’s music, including “What a Day”, “Accidental Life”, “Big White Car” and “Jerusalem”.

Watch Colin Stetson's "SORROW: I"

Watch the full five minute video of Colin Stetson's "SORROW: I (Extract)", taken from his forthcoming reimagining of Henryk Górecki’s Symphony No 3.

Watch two videos by artist Lisa Busby

Watch “Platinum Ash Rose Gold” and “Hollow Blown Egg” by musician and artist Lisa Busby. Her debut release Fingers In The Gloss is out now via Bandcamp