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Stream a video by Japanese Noise artist Kouhei Matsunaga

Matsunaga is featured in The Wire 335 in an article by Clive Bell. The video was shot and edited by Takuya Dairiki.

Matsunaga's solo act, NHK_Koyxen, is set to release Dance Classics Vol 1 alongside a split LP (with SND) with longterm collaborator Toshiro Munehiro, both on the Pan label in January.

Faster Than Sound: Christian Marclay & Roly Porter performance primers

Two Faster Than Sound events take place at Snape Maltings in Suffolk this month, featuring The Wire 332 cover artist Christian Marclay with Steve Beresford, John Butcher, Mark Sanders, Alan Tomlinson and Suffolk Phoenix Brass on 1 October (4pm, £12), followed by Roly Porter (of Vex'd), Cynthia Millar and Rod Maclachlan on 29 October (6:30pm, £10).

Dancity Extras

Two days of music, supported by The Wire, in the ancient town of Foligno in the Umbrian hills, 1–2 July.