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Watch exclusive footage of Matmos and collaborators performing live at London's Auto Italia

For the past four years Matmos have been re-enacting experiments into telepathy that were done in the 1960s. They were basic sensory deprivation set-ups in which the experimental subjects were unable to hear or see. The subjects were asked to recognise different shapes being transmitted to them from a table of graphic sigils. In Matmos's experiments, they tried to transmit the concept of their new album into the minds of their experimental subjects. For this performance, each collaborator recites different transcriptions of the psychic experiments that are played through their headphones.

The performance took place at London's Auto Italia space 19 May, 2011, organised in collaboration with Upset The Rhythm

Filmed by Nathan Budzinski with help from Tim Ivison.

Dancity Extras

Two days of music, supported by The Wire, in the ancient town of Foligno in the Umbrian hills, 1–2 July.

John Surman video

Watch an excerpt from John Surman: Flashpoint: NDR Jazz Workshop, April '69.

Netaudio 2011 Extras

Netaudio London promotes the work of artists who use digital and network technologies to explore new boundaries in music and sonic art. Part of the Short Circuit festival, Netaudio's programme encourages participation in all forms of music and art making, from interactive sound art installations to conferences, workshops, collaborative online broadcasting and headline shows.

Global Ear: Burkina Faso

Check photographs and video documentation of Trevor Watts's collaborative tour through the west African republic.

Mordant Music: MisinforMation

Watch excerpts from some Central Office Of Information films of the 1970s and 80s, newly soundtracked by Baron Mordant.

Netmage videos

Watch videos by Bruce McClure and James Ferraro, two artists who'll be performing at 2011's Netmage festival