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Watch a short extract from Filme I, a compilation of work by percussionist Sven-Åke Johansson. Filme I is reviewed by Nick Cain in The Wire 358.

Nick Cain writes: "Over the past decade, the Berlin based Swedish percussionist Sven-Åke Johansson has undertaken an intensive process of self-documentation, issuing more than two dozen releases on his own SÅJ label. They catalogue his multifarious musical activities over the past four decades, surveying the bewilderingly diverse range of styles in which he operates. Since he moved to Berlin in the late 1960s, Johansson has also regularly worked in different artforms, collaborating with visual artists, contributing to theatrical productions, producing musical sculptures for galleries, and staging large-scale public works."

The above segment is directed by Teresa Iten. The Filme I DVD is out on Johansson's SÅJ label.

Watch: Demdike Stare's Transmission

Watch the video for an excerpt of Demdike Stare's next Testpressing, Fail. Sean Canty and Miles Whittaker are on the cover of The Wire 358.

Watch an exclusive Shangaan electro video

Stream "Tivani Dollezer" a video by producer, record label boss, talent scout, party promoter and performer Richard Mthetwa aka Nozinja. Mthetwa is featured in The Wire 356's Invisible Jukebox, tested by Dave Stelfox.

Watch an extract from Piercing Brightness

Stream an exclusive clip from a new film by the artist Shezad Dawood, with a soundtrack by Acid Mother's Temple's Makoto Kawabata. The film was reviewed by Joseph Stannard in The Wire 355.

Watch: Young Echo live

Stream an exclusive video of six Young Echo members performing live. The Bristolian collective are featured in The Wire 355.

Watch: Kazuo Imai's Soloworks61 Part One

Watch the first of a two part performance by guitarist and improvisor Kazuo Imai. Imai and Marginal Consort are featured in an article by Alan Cummings in The Wire 355.