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Watch a video for a track by Brood Ma, featured in The Wire 375

Adam Harper writes in The Wire 375: "James B Stringer took the name Brood Ma from his favourite China Miéville novel, Perdido Street Station. A classic of New Weird fiction, it paints a Tolkienian fantasy grown urban, strange and sprawling. “There’s a plasticity to the world, a civilisation that’s gone mouldy and organically adapted”... For the past few years, Stringer has been running his own free digital-only online label, or collective, or “whatever Quantum Natives is”, together with Awe IX, who provided its first release as Yearning Kru. The pair met at a London art school in the mid-2000s, where they became frustrated with the art world and academia. They were interested – especially after Stringer’s “crap” paintings were all stolen – in digital image-making, then peripheral and derided but now fashionable. But Stringer and Awe IX were (and are) not interested in the clean, cold aesthetics of so much contemporary net art. They also turned to music, especially the messy power of noise and grime. “Grime made garage seem dangerous. You go from gloss to realism. It was created in a very functional way, quite immediate in its expression, and it was the same with noise.”

"Monaco" is from Brood Ma's Populous album, out on Quantum Natives. Video directed and produced by Quantum Natives

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