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Live performance video by the multi-instrumentalist and software engineer

Software engineer and multi-instrumentalist Christopher Tignor’s “The Will And The Waiting” is the final track from Along A Vanishing Plane, his new album on Western Vinyl. The album is made up of live recordings, with live video footage to accompany the tracks.

Tignor performs using software designed by himself and instruments including violin, drums and tuning forks. He describes “The Will And The Waiting” as “a closing meditation on fortitude and patience. The work’s opening features a three-toned pasture bell, tuned in fourths, that I was always trying to work into the set. And those periodic, harmonised tuning fork tones (using a low E fork) also feel like the striking of a bell.

“Along with my triangle battery and some open hi-hat (unique for the album) played near the bell, a palette of resonant metal defines the song's unique character.

“The final few minutes of the album are intense to perform. Believe it or not, a large degree of of focus is required to keep the right hand triangle tremolo stable and get that dampened tone. Simultaneously, you have to relax into the deep, open breaths of this parting mantra.

“The inner clock that signals when your left side needs to kick and pluck can’t be wound too tight. A patient precision. But it’s not practical to live two minds. The music asks you to reconcile both together, and reiterates that much worth doing can only be achieved by long practice at being.”

Readers can also listen to Tignor performing as half of the duo Wires Under Tension on the Wire Tapper 30 compilation, accompanying issue 344.