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Sonata In Ш will be screened and performed as the new Viennese festival commences

The video contains flashing images. Viewer discretion is advised.

Sonata In Ш is a piece conceived for Hyperreality festival by Viennese composer Jung An Tagen (Virtual Institute Vienna, Editions Mego), Australian violist Battle-ax (fourth Viennese school), Serbian artist and designer Haskii, and video collective Der Kleine Kreis.

Together with a specially commissioned piece from Holly Herndon, the video kicks off a programme of international acts and others prominent in the Viennese scene. A section of the programming has been selected by labels and collectives such as NON, Príncipe, Staycore, Bala Club and Ghe20g0thik, providing their own rosters for individual stages. Festival-goers will be able to catch performances from Angel-Ho, Chino Amobi, Equiknoxx, Klein, Yves Tumor and more.