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The US producer and vocalist shares a video from her Shadow World album

Phoenix, Arizona based artist and performer Sam An originally adopted her pseudonym for a sound art project where she transformed songs by the US pop singer Lana Del Rey into drones. An's recording practice has since evolved to incorporate structured cathartic vocals, electronic noise and punitive rhythms, and in March she released her second album of original material via Californian label Deathbomb Arc. Shadow World addresses recent political events in the USA as well as An's own state of mind: “Everything in my consciousness, everything in the external world, started to sink into this very chaotic, darker place,” she tells Joseph Stannard in The Wire 411. “I know that it is all relative and that other parts of the world have been chaotic for longer, but in terms of my experience for the last year it just was this deeper and deeper sinking into dark water.”

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