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The Brazilian guitarist shares a video from his new album released by Brighton label Hive Mind

Belo Horizonte based musician Rodrigo Tavares has been playing improvised guitar since he was a child, but his new album Congo is his first ever release. Despite his lifelong relationship with his instrument, Tavares insists the album's improvisations are not personal statements. “I wanted the improvisation to be more fluid, like a line of flight,” he told Francis Gooding in The Wire 412. “Like something that grows out of the music – like a garden, like a plant, but it’s not like a personal expression.”

Made by film director João Dumans, the video takes a more abstract approach than his usual work. “It references the ‘pre-Big Bang’ aspect of the concept of Congo developed by Brazilian artist Arthur Omar,” Tavares explains over email, “the amorphous forces at play before an identity is formed.”

Congo is released by Hive Mind. Wire subscribers can read Francis Gooding's interview with Tavares by logging on to the online archive.