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The collaborative duo Vessel and chester giles release their debut LP. Watch the video for the album track “Killer Of Men”. Warning! Contains uncooked meats.

The first music released by asda – a duo collaboration between Young Echo's Vessel aka Seb Gainsborough and chester giles – was Three Tracks 10" on the Bristol based label FuckPunk, run by Gainsborough himself and Young Echo affiliate Daniel Davies aka Ossia.

“New age punk, broken electronics, modern poetry, noise music, crushed dancehall,” say asda, describing where they’re coming from. ”When you are faced with the abyss make sure you listen carefully and take it for all it represents.”

“Killer Of Men” is taken from their new six track 12" titled The Abyss, released by another Bristol label called NoCorner.

“The abyss is the unending banality of life and the emptiness of continuing to exist for no reason through mindless crushing pain and futility,” explains chester giles, referring to both the title of the album and a quote by John Clellon Holmes (US author of the 1952 Beat Generation novel Go): “The valueless abyss of modern life is unbearable.” “I think maybe it’s about feeling vulnerable and fragile in a very raw way,” explains giles, discussing the lure of the abyss. “Like peeling off our skins and just standing there sore and bloody waiting for it to end.

“If escapism is a subject matter,” he continues, “then sexual frustration must also be a theme here. After all, there is no better way to ease the pain than finding that all consuming pleasure of your body grinding in tune with the next, like the vibration of sound and frequency, momentarily reconfiguring our molecules.”

The video was shot and directed by Max Kelan Pearce, C26 and Studio Tape-Echo, and edited by Pedro Maia. The Abyss will be released on NoCorner via RwdFwd on 20 April. It will be available elsewhere from 27 April.