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Watch Studio Van Broekhoven use speakers to design 3D printed ceramics

Eindhoven-based Ricky van Broekhoven is a sound designer and musician with a background in design and architecture, and in his work he gives physical form to the vibration patterns of sound. Solid Vibration is the result of ongoing experimental research with ceramicist and designer Olivier van Herpt. They are exploring how to apply sound energy to determine the shape of objects.

In this video, the printer, designed by van Herpt, extrudes clay and is able to print ceramic objects up to 70 cm high within an hour. At this speed, external forces can leave their marks in the clay during the printing process. The collaborators developed a hardware plugin for the printer which uses a large speaker to make the print bed resonate. These vibrations are transferred to the clay and then solidified in the ceramic prints.

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