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Watch a video for a track by the musician and writer Sarah Angliss, featured in The Wire 367

About "The Bows”, Angliss says: "This is an interpretation of a London folk song which I hope captures the mood of the original, even though it’s drifted far from its moorings. The bows in the title are the bends in the River Thames but could also refer to bows of a violin. In the original folk song (titled "The Cruel Sister" or "The Bonny Bows"), a woman drowns when she’s pushed into the river by her sister. Downstream, her body is dredged out of the water and her breastbone, finger bones and hair are used to make a fiddle. Whenever anyone tries to play this fiddle, it speaks, revealing the identity of her murderer.”

Vocals by Emma Kilbey. Thames Barrier footage from Prelinger Archives.

"The Bows" is from Angliss's forthcoming debut solo album Ealing Feeder (due for release in October 2014). Click here to listen to more of Angliss's work. Read Angliss's recent feature about the history of ventriloquism on The Wire online here.