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The experimental folk trio’s new album is released by Glitterbeat sublabel tak:til

Formed in 2015 by Iztok Koren, Ana Kravanja and Samo Kutin, the Slovenian trio Širom compose and improvise music inspired by the rural surroundings they grew up in, often on self-made instruments. Indeed the video for “Maestro Kneading Streams Of Joy”, taken from their second album I Can Be A Clay Snapper, was shot in areas of Slovenia they visited as children, namely the cave region of Kras, the mountains of Tolminska and the flatlands of Prekmurje.

I Can Be A Clay Snapper follows their 2015 debut album released by the Slovenian label Klopotec. Širom’s members also carry on their individual experiments in other projects – Kutin is involved with the Čadrg based fusion band Salamandra Salamandra, and Kravanja plays with a punk group in Ljubljana.

I Can Be A Clay Snapper is released in download, CD and LP formats on 8 September by the Glitterbeat sublabel tak:til