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Watch the video of “Back To The Ocean, Back To The Sea” from Rob Mazurek and Emmett Kelly's forthcoming release Alien Flower Sutra

Alien Flower Sutra was composed by cornetist Rob Mazurek in 2013. After deciding to open up the score for interpretation by other artists, Mazurek played out the piece in Chicago and São Paulo. During this period he met guitarist Emmett Kelly of The Cairo Gang and Joshua Abrams Natural Information Society, and they started collaborating together. Indeed Kelly created up an entire sci-fi narrative to run alongside the composition.

“The consummate story colours a vivid first-person narrative through the perception of a cybernetic organism struggling to reconcile the human buried inside their computer-regulated psyche,” expands the press announcement of their collaboration.

The video is animated by Rob Shaw and Damon Locks. Rob Mazurek and Emmett Kelly's Alien Flower Sutra will be released by International Anthem on 13 May.

Mazurek was on the cover of The Wire 384. Subscribers to the magazine can read that feature via our online archive.