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Bristol lo-fi outfit Crescent share the video for “Impressions” from their first album in a decade

A project initiated by Bristolian musician Matt Jones in the 1990s, Crescent joined Flying Saucer Attack, Movietone and Third Eye Foundation in the loose collective of groups clustered around semi-legendary record shop Revolver, which closed down in the early 2000s. Breaking a ten year hiatus with new album Resin Pockets, Jones presents a typically pastoral video for the song “Impressions”.

According to Jones, the song is “partly about the river I cross on the way into town, which is tidal – sometimes a landscape of rivulets and mud ridges, other times a broad surface, inching across the pavements. Once I saw a big block of polystyrene floating upstream with a small tree growing out of it. The graffitti’d bridge in the video I've made has since been repainted.”

Resin Pockets is my/our first record for ten years, and it’s been slowly accumulated out of recordings done mostly on Friday lunchtimes – all the loud sounds, drums, electric guitars were recorded in my local park, under a raised dual carriageway – if you’re recording near a road, the quietest place is underneath it. I’ve been interested in outdoor music for a while now, from listening to old ethnographic LPs, to Brötzmann’s Scwarzwaldfahrt, to Blithe Sons/Franciscan Hobbies. Movietone, Crescent’s sister/brother band, recorded outdoors on several of their LPs – I like the way it lets the world in and onto the tape, unexpected accompaniments, interruptions, coincidences.”

Resin Pockets is released by Geographic Music on 26 May. Subscribers can read Abi Bliss’s album review in The Wire 400 via the online archive

Watch a solo drum performance by Ikuro Takahashi

In February 2010, Japanese percussionist Ikuro Takahashi performed at Akebono Art and Community Centre in Sapporo, capital city of Japan’s northernmost main island Hokkaido. Film maker Mikio Saito was there to capture it