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Film maker Cyrus Moussavi announces a Lonnie Holley sci-fi documentary and releases exclusive footage of a live performance from 2018

This performance by US experimental artist Lonnie Holley took place at Chicago’s The Vic in July 2018. The footage, shot by film maker Cyrus Moussavi, is offered as a taster for Holley and his band Nelson Patton’s European tour, which began on 26 April.

Following on from their short film collaboration I Snuck Off The Slave Ship, Moussavi has announced that he and Holley are now working together on a longer “science fiction documentary project”.

“We hope to expand on [I Snuck Off The Slave Ship],” he continues, “travelling through time and space with sound and different film and video textures, driven by Lonnie’s music and worldview. My background is in documentary, so I’ve just been shooting whenever we get together (that’s where this footage comes from), and our small crew comes up with ideas for how to bring Lonnie’s more space age ideas to screen.”

Full details of the current tour can be found online.