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The Budapest based producer shares a video for a track from his album Leaper

Following several releases with the Hungarian trio 12z, Bálint Szabó is currently working as a solo producer under the moniker Gosheven. This recently adopted name is taken from Native American language, meaning leaper, also the title of his cassette released on Opal Tapes. As a development upon the album's theme of escaping stereotypical masculine roles, the tracks on Leaper were written avoiding traditional Western tuning. This track, “Sublime Fragility” uses Wendy Carlos's just intonation and Auto-Tuned choirboy vocals to carry Szabó's message. He says, “I tried to present that what is sublime and great surrounding us is also vulnerable and fragile.” The video is shot at Lake Balaton, Western Hungary.

Read Tristan Bath's interview with Gosheven in The Wire issue 403. Subscribers can access the article via the online archive.