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Susanna has given us an exclusive showing of the music video for ”Sacred Revolution” from her album Triangle

Triangle is Norwegian artist Susanna’s 11th album, and her first solo release since 2012. Described as a re-examination of her relationship with spirituality, belief and superstition, it was recorded in Oslo and Los Angeles, and it features contributions from Supersilent, Broen, Moskus, Splashgirl, Sudan Dudan, Alison Chesley of Helen Money and Emmett Kelly of The Cairo Gang.

“I wanted to have a lot of videos made for the tracks on the Triangle album, by a lot of different people, to have their visual interpretation of my songs,” explains Susanna. “It felt essential to ask some of my longtime collaborators to do so. One of the other videos is made by Guri Dahl, who has taken a lot of press photos for me, and also did the live visuals for Meshes of Voice back in 2009.

“For “Sacred Revolution” Helge Sten aka Deathprod, who I have worked close with throughout my time as a recording artist, has made a beautiful and abstract video based on processing of colours and textures. As for pushing the boundaries on Triangle with what a song can be, what an album can be, I also wanted to challenge the music video format and let it cross into the art world."

Triangle is released by SusannaSonata. The video was directed by Helge Sten aka Deathprod.

Triangle was reviewed in The Wire 386 by Julian Cowley. Subscribers can read that over at Exact Editions.