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The collaborative film was shot in Salento, Italy and features a new soundtrack

Composer and Pan recording artist Valerio Tricoli presents a new film by experimental film maker Christopher Gray (MultiMulti) premiering exclusively via The Wire.

Slow Black With Ruins was shot throughout the region of Salento in the south of Italy. The film follows the Processione delle Desolate, an annual event during which black-veiled women march in procession intoning songs of sorrow. When the footage was completed in December 2016, Tricoli used the sound captured by the on-camera microphone as the foundation for a new piece.

According to Pan, who released Tricoli's Clonic Earth album in 2016, "Gray deploys a new visual method, normally associated with enhancing the detail of a 3D model to convert film into a layer only associated with depth. These surfaces were then layered and blended to create a disorientating voyage in a haze".

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