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The Swiss sound installation artist recently opened his latest show in South Korea

The artist known as Zimoun has been creating large-scale sound sculptures from everyday objects for more than 20 years. This new installation, titled 663 prepared dc-motors, 3315 m rope, steel washers ø 40 mm, 2018 is currently presented at Museum Of Contemporary Art Busan, in South Korea. “The installation is a site-specific new work made from washers, rope and dc-motors,” says Zimoun. “Each washer is connected over a rope with a dc-motor. The motor is rotating, and that way the rope is getting somehow tangled up, and this process is making the length of the rope a bit shorter. Once the rope changed its lengths it lifts up the washer slightly from the floor. And as then the washer is not touching the floor anymore the rope is able to re-tangle and the entire process starts again once the washer is again touching the floor. In that sense the system is extremely simple and the individual behaviour of each rope is just the result of the dynamics of the used materials themselves. There is no computer or micro-chip involved.”

The show runs until 15 August, 2018. Zimoun is featured in The Wire 413. Subscribers can read the full article via the online archive.