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Artist and longtime Wire associate Patrick Ward has created a new video for the London based multi-instrumentalist

After studying jazz at New England Conservatory, US born composer and improvisor Ashley Paul relocated to London in 2014. She has made seven albums since 2008, including four released by Eli Kesler's label REL, and 2014's Heat Source (Important). Now Newcastle based label Slip is set to release Paul’s latest work Lost In Shadows.

This video was created for a track from the new album by designer, artist and longtime Wire associate Patrick Ward. “In some ways this video is my response to all of the tracks that feature on Ashley Paul's album Lost In Shadows,” says Patrick. “I made a series of simple videos, one for each of the album’s 11 tracks, which I then edited together to create this video for “Frayed Dreams”. I wanted to respond to the dreamlike states that Ashley describes as influencing the album by highlighting the surface and edge of the image frame. One of the ways this was done was through cropping and enlarging video files of a low pixel count to the point where recognition of digital artefacts might be confused for the depiction of movement. So the distinction between organic matter and the organised inorganic undulates, while a curtain twitched by the optical flow of digital compression sways in an evening breeze.”

Ashley Paul took The Wire's Invisible Jukebox test in issue 408. Subscribers can access the full feature via the online archive.

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