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Watch two videos by artist Lisa Busby

December 2015

“Platinum Ash Rose Gold” by Lisa Busby

“Hollow Blown Egg” by Lisa Busby

Watch “Platinum Ash Rose Gold” and “Hollow Blown Egg” by musician and artist Lisa Busby. Her debut release Fingers In The Gloss is out now via Bandcamp

Fingers In The Gloss is the solo debut of Lisa Busby. Operating as a musician, artist and DJ, Busby improvises on playback media and other sound making devices as a basis for her songwriting, while exploring a space where melody meets noise and collage. She previewed the musical outcome of these experiments earlier this year during the Saisonscape DECAY season, where she appeared alongside William Basinski, Sarah Angliss and Kemper Norton.

Regarding the tracks previewed here, “Hollow Blown Egg” is a collaboration with video artist Cara Tolmie and Kimberley O’Neill, while the video for “Platinum Ash Rose Gold” was made by Ash Reid.

Busby is an active member of improvising ensembles Rutger Hauser and The Nomadic Female DJ Troupe. She also played in the experimental pop outfit Sleeps In Oysters. Recent works include a series of long duration outdoor DJ sets for Survival Kit Sweden, and an installation and score based on the greatest hits of The Spice Girls at Wysing Arts Festival Space-Time: The Multiverse.

Fingers In The Gloss is a limited edition CD with a set of handbound riso prints that depicts the various places and objects used in the creation of the album. It is available via Bandcamp.

“Platinum Ash Rose Gold” by Lisa Busby
Video by Ash Reid

“Hollow Blown Egg” by Lisa Busby
Video by Cara Tolmie and Kimberley O'Neill