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The Philadelphia based artist’s latest music video explores escapism and empowerment in R&B aesthetics

Directed by Junglepussy and Bali Baby collaborator Erin Grant, MHYSA’s new video features the track “Bb” from her debut album fantasii. The latter was released by Rabit's imprint Halcyon Veil in 2017, following on from her prolific work as a poet, performer and half of the sound art duo SCRAAATCH.

““Bb” is the only true R&B song on fantasii and I wanted to make a video that reflected the genre,” says MHYSA via email. “I think the aesthetics of opulence, joy and sensuality in R&B videos can be a much needed daydream for black women and femmes living in an oppressive white supremacist society that constantly subjugates us. The song itself touches deeply on longing and desire/wanting to be desired, things that feel very scary for me to want as a black femme. I wrote the lyrics and decided much of the arrangement and lawd knows produced the beat.”

MHYSA’s fantasii is available to download now