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Listen: exclusive Goat remix by Shit And Shine

September 2014

Listen to an exclusive Shit And Shine remix of "Hide From The Sun", a track from the Swedish psych rockers' new album, Commune – reviewed in The Wire 367

Reviewing Goat's Commune album in The Wire 367, Britt Brown writes: "Like many terrorist organisations and European techno producers, Goat operate anonymously, free to fabricate origin stories involving voodoo doctors and rural Arctic townships. In contrast, the elements of their music are deliberately identifiable – 1960s psychedelic guitar, protest chanting, kraut boogie basslines, all swathed in decade-appropriate dosages of fuzz and wah. What tends to be emphasised in assessments of Goat’s tableau are their West African affectations, most evident in the percussive pitter-patter of bongos and djembes and the group’s choice of stage garb: embroidered tribal robes, balaclavas, dashikis, etc. It’s more a subtle tinge than a deep engagement, but few transgressions irk critics more than perceived appropriations of ethnic traditions..."

Commune is out now on Rocket Recordings

Shit And Shine's most recent release is out on Diagonal Records


Both Goat and Shit and Shine are great!

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