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Mira Calix: Wire 400 Mix #5

May 2017

Inspired by Jorge Luis Borges’s short story The Aleph, the fifth in our series of Wire 400 mixes comes from Mira Calix, with the title “Sunset In Queretaro, A Rose In Bengal”

This week we have a special mix from DJ, musician and sound artist Mira Calix. Titled “Sunset In Queretaro, A Rose In Bengal”, Calix's mix takes inspiration from Jorge Luis Borges's description of a Mexican sunset in The Aleph: “I saw a sunset in Queretaro that seemed to reflect the colour of a rose in Bengal”. As Calix explains, “these tracks, either in part, or their entirety, are for me at least, fall into this imagined colour spectrum. That hot pinky glow made up of soft orangey golden red tones. Before the sun falls in a ball over the horizon into dusk.

“Like others, I’ve always associated music with colour, particularly my own, it has a large influence on my compositional process. For my DJ performance at Splice festival I’ll be accompanied by a video work influenced by Joseph Albers’ Interaction Of Colour. His method is based on the idea that only by observing colour in the push and tug and pull of context can one begin to understand the nature of colour.

“[Here] There’s a healthy mixture of old and new music, mine are recent releases on my new Calix Portal, hosted by Bleep. Happy 400 to The Wire!”

Mira Calix “The Helvetica Scenario”
Oliver Coates & Leo Abrahams “III1801”
Ken Thomson “Perpetual I. Underlying”
Fennesz “Glass Ceiling”
Sam Mumford “Within Without”
John Williams “Barry’s Kidnapping”
Thom Yorke “Pink Selection”
Original Swimming Party “Chords”
Larry Goves “Virtual Airport (Seven)”
Laurie Spiegel “Harmonic Algorithm”
High Plains “Cinderland”
Camillele “Banquet”
Edmund Finnis “Brother”
Eurythmics “ABC (Freeform)”
Dirty Projectors “Little Bubble”
Stockhausen “Structur V”
James McVinnie/Nadia Sorota/Nico Muhly “Slow Twitchy Organs”
Emily Hall “Relude”
Anna Meredith & Juice Vocal “Heal You”
Edgar Varese “Agon”
Mira Calix “Metamorphosis I”

Mira Calix performs at Splice audiovisual performing arts festival from 26–28 May


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