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Listen: tracks from The Spacey Bruce Lacey

October 2014

Listen to tracks by the polymathic British artist and musician, Bruce Lacey

Julian Cowley writes about Bruce Lacey in The Wire 368: "Across the decades, Lacey’s public identity has undergone a series of quite startling metamorphoses. Conventional labels don’t stick readily to his personality, but the multiple trajectories of his varied past cohere around an intense energy that still pulsates and flashes through his conversation. He skips back to the International Poetry Incarnation, staged at London’s Royal Albert Hall in 1965, with Allen Ginsberg as the main attraction. “I was invited to do a performance. I had a full size plaster of Paris statue of the Venus de Milo and I wanted to do an anti-art thing, to come on stage pulling the Venus on wheels and then smashing it with a sledgehammer. Cinema-style usherettes would then sell fragments, while men in white coats would put me in a straitjacket and drag me away. But the poets said, ‘You can’t do that, it’s visual. And poetry is spoken word’. So I thought, all right you buggers! I made a radio-controlled robot out of aluminium, and called it John Silent. It came on stage and made farting and belching noises.”

The Spacey Bruce Lacey is released this month by Trunk; the DVD set The Lacey Rituals: Films By Bruce Lacey (And Friends) is released by BFI.

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