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Listen: Mike Cooper tracks

September 2014

Listen to tracks from guitarist Mike Cooper's recently reissued albums from the early 1970s

Mike Barnes writes in The Wire 367: "Though he’s now well known as an improvisor as well as for his work with guitar and electronics, Mike Cooper used to be a significant figure of the 1960s folk and blues scene, alongside guitarists like Wizz Jones, Bert Jansch and Michael Chapman. Throughout the 60s musicians had allied folk and blues to Eastern scales, jazz and rock, but Cooper fed in another influence – free improvisation. The Cooper albums here, recorded between 1970–72 and long out of print, show him to be in an important period of transition..."

"Country Water" and "The Singing Tree" are from Places I Know/The Machine Gun Co With Mike Cooper. "Sitting Here Watching" and "I've Got Mine" are from Trout Steel. Both are reissued by Paradise Of Bachelors.

Also reviewed by Mike Barnes in The Wire 367 is Cooper's recent album made with The Necks' Chris Abrahams, Trace, out on Al Maslakh.

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