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Listen: Tarab tracks

October 2014

Listen to work by the sound artist Eamon Sprod

Louis Pattison reviews Tarab's I'm Lost in The Wire 368: "Tape splice and dice from Australian sound artist Eamon Sprod, whose dense post-industrial collages come on like a blindfolded stride through rusting factories, underground sewers, haunted projector rooms, deserted pirate ships and so on. I’m Lost, as the title implies, is less interested in found sounds or the charting of space than a sort of exploration of dislocation and its resultant psychological effects."

Read track annotations by Sprod below:
"Untitled_Bogong Electric" is a site specific piece made for the Bogong Electric Festival in 2013. It's made exclusively with sounds recorded in the Bogong Alpine Village and its surroundings, and was originally presented in the backyard of the Bogong Centre for Sound Culture.

"The Nettle Daughter" was arranged from sounds produced with glass and metal containers, heating elements and water. It was recorded in 2004 and then composed/arranged 2012–13.

"Active Crossover Castlemaine 2012 @ ICU" This performance was constructed from found objects, fence, transducers, microphones, speakers, field recordings, laptop and the room itself. It's comprised of both desk recording (thank you Simon Whetham) and my room recordings.

"Ominous Pegboard 2012" This is a stereo recording of a performance of a 6-channel piece constructed from found objects, transducers, microphones, speakers, field recordings, laptop and room and comprises three separate room recordings. With thanks to Michael Prior for additional recording.

I'm Lost is out on 23five.

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