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Listen: Drew McDowall tracks

September 2015

Stream tracks from the Psychic TV and Coil collaborator's forthcoming solo album Collapse

Drew McDowall started out making music in Glasgow in 1978, playing in punk group The Poems with his then wife Rose McDowall (who would go on to form Strawberry Switchblade). In the early 1980s McDowall relocated to London and became involved in the industrial scene there, working with Genesis P-Orridge and Psychic TV, then later with Sleazy Pete Christopherson and John Balance in Coil. McDowall has lived in New York for the past decade, regularly collaborating with Tres Warren in their project Compound Eye, as well as doing production work.

Collapse is released by Dais Records on 25 September.


Hi there,

Don't know how to contact Drew McDowall directly. Can't give feedback directly but have to say that live set at Berlin Atonal suffered from muddy mix and poor live sounds. Very disappointed as Coil fan anticipating much more.......

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