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Jennifer Walshe MP3s

October 2010

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Jennifer Walshe, performed by Anton Lukoszevieze
"This Is Why People O.D. On Pills"

(performed by Anton Lukoszevieze)

Ma La Pert

(Jennifer Walshe: voice, violin, squeezebox, objects; Tony Conrad: violin, objects) Recorded at WKCR studios, New York

Jennifer Walshe
"Libris Solar"

Jennifer Walshe: Libris Solar Chords Jennifer Walshe's Libris Solar Chords


Jennifer... This is Libris. I'm wondering if we've met... You do look familiar and yes, I do wear the suit. They are actually wet suit liners, the breathable fabric worn beneath rubber wet suits that prevent divers from getting hypothermia. Anyway, you can write me if you wish to... Libris E. Solar, 341 E. 12th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97401. I wish you well, in all things... always.

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