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Listen: Blind Idiot God tracks

May 2015

Stream two tracks from Blind Idiot God's Before Ever After album

Phil Freeman reviewed Before Ever After in The Wire 372: " Blind Idiot God’s initial trilogy of releases – 1987’s self-titled debut on SST, 1989’s Undertow on Enemy, and 1992’s Cyclotron on John Zorn’s Japanese Avant imprint – roped off a unique territory. The force of the avant metal workouts that made up most of their output was countered by the deep, ominous dub they conjured on a few tracks per album. Guitarist Andy Hawkins, bassist Gabe Katz and drummer Ted Epstein created a high volume, crushingly dense sound that sought to bludgeon, without the pyrotechnic eruptions of metal. Hawkins’s guitar tone was oceanic; it was like being swept under by a tidal wave... It still is. Before Ever After, a 13 track, 75 minute opus on which Epstein has been replaced by Tim Wyskida, formerly of Khanate, may be slightly less organic in feel than previous efforts, but it’s every bit as heavy."

Before Ever After is out on Indivisible Music

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