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Listen: Compositions from Huddersfield's CeReNeM

August 2014

Huddersfield's Centre For Research In New Music was set up to avert the university's composer brain drain. Listen to tracks by the organisation's affiliated composers.

CeNeReM - The Centre For Research In New Music - was set up to avert the brain drain from The University Of Huddersfield's music courses. The centre works with composers and academics on various aspects of modern composition and sound design.

The playlist above includes two tracks by vocal ensemble Exaudi: "– 9. from Jandl Songs" by Stephen Chase, and "Harmonizing (Artificial Environment No 7)" by Joanna Bailie. Both Chase and Bailie are members of the vocal ensemble, and both these pieces are taken from the group's recent release, Exposure, out on the HCR label.

Peter Ablinger's "SS Giovanni E Paulo" is taken from his CD Augmented Studies, which Ablinger made in Venice in 2007, just as the church was being cleaned. In it, wind instruments with glissando slide improvise long drawn out glissandi alongside the sounds of the cleaners.

Improv group Splice are part of the Loop Collective, which has 17 members who play in around 20 different performance variations. Splice is a four piece, consisting of Robin Fincker on tenor sax and clarinet, Alex Bonney on trumpet and electronics, Pierre-Alexandre Tremblay on bass and electronics, and Dave Smith on drums. This track is from Silent Spoke, which was released towards the end of last year, originally recorded at the University of Huddersfield in 2012.

"Beatings In A Linear Process" is a piece written by Richard Glover, included on a CD of his music released by Another Timbre, performed here by Ensemble Portmanto. More details on that release, plus an interview with Glover, can be found here.

Philip Clark writes on Silent Spoke by Splice, Exposure by Exaudi, and Rift Patterns by Monty Adkins in a full page review of CeNeReM's recent activities in The Wire 366.


Please note Chase and Bailie are NOT members of EXAUDI vocal ensemble. They are composers.

i can only listen to the first track. why?

Glad to know I took a 'brain drain' course and managed to get good marks. How utterly pretentious and patronising.

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