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Listen: John Powell-Jones's Into The Abyss

July 2015

Listen to recordings by John Powell-Jones whose cassette release and art exhibition are launched on 13 July

John Powell-Jones is an artist and musician working out of Salford's Islington Mill studios and music and art space.

Into The Abyss follows up Powell-Jones's previous recording Abyss released in February 2015 (all on Sacred Tapes). Both recordings were created by Powell-Jones as an element within larger exhibitions of his graphic art. Into The Abyss – the recording and exhibition – will be on show at the 38b space in Peckham, South East London on 10–12th July.

Powell-Jones says about Into The Abyss: "The tracks accompany an exhibition of some new work based around three characters. I’ve made resin casts of each of the characters and the clown has been cast as an incense head. The idea being that you burn the incense in his head while listening to the cassette."

Into The Abyss is released on 13 July. It comes as a series of 20 standard cassette copies and 20 special edition copies that are accompanied by a print and hand-cast and painted "incense head" by the artist.

Also on 13 July, Powell-Jones plays with Callum Higgins at a Sacred Tapes label night at London's Cafe Oto.


I love that the Wire finds these edges of the musical/art experience. Listening without the experience it is competant/pleasant ambient-drive music, but that's not the point - it's the combination. Lucky you who go to be there.

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