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The Flying Luttenbachers: Live in San Francisco

May 2017

Following on from Weasel Walter's appearance in The Wire 400, listen to some unreleased recordings of The Flying Luttenbachers performing live in 2005

With an ever evolving line up, Weasel Walter's group The Flying Luttenbachers has recently reformed with Chris Welcome on guitar and Tim Dahl on bass.

Talking of the group – which started back in 1991 when Walter was only 19 – in a recent feature in The Wire 400, Weasel Walter explains, “I really wanted to have a free jazz band. So when I met Hal Russell” – the saxophonist born Harold Luttenbacher – “we made one. Then Hal quit and I thought, why don’t we do free jazz stuff but write it in a way that’s punk rock? Then I discovered death metal and thought, why don’t we put blast beats in this and get rid of the horns? Then we hit a wall, so I wanted it to be a free jazz band again. Then I realised I really like Magma, so let’s write 20 minute songs. And then finally we were a hybrid of everything we had done up to that point.

“I think what The Flying Luttenbachers were always trying to express was intensity, weirdness and an articulation of personal insanity [...] I wanted people in the band who could have their own identity and become a caricature of whatever they thought that identity was, like a bunch of superheroes or supervillains.”

Here Weasel Walter has given us an exclusive listen to The Flying Luttenbachers performing live on 26 June, 2005 in San Francisco. The recordings are taken from an unreleased live DVD called Live Cataclysm.

Subscribers to The Wire can read Marc Masters's interview with Weasel Walter via Exact Editions. A remastered version of Revenge Of The Flying Luttenbachers is released on Skin Graft.

All titles composed by Weasel Walter (Sedition Dog Music - BMI) except 5 by Chuck Falzone. Weasel Walter (drums), Ed Rodriguez (guitar), Mick Barr (guitar), Mike Green (bass guitar). Copyright 2005/2017. EXPLODE Records.

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