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Teatime MP3s

November 2010

Listen to two tracks off Teatime, mid-1970s free improvisation from Garry Todd/Dave Solomon/John Russell/Nigel Coombes/Steve Beresford recently reissued by Emanem

Teatime is reviewed by Julian Cowley in The Wire 322 Soundcheck Boomerang section.

With: Garry Todd (tenor saxophone), Nigel Coombes (violin and low grade electronics), Steve Beresford (piano and toys), John Russell (electric guitar) and Dave Solomon (percussion)

"European Improvised Music Sho' 'Nuff Turns Me On (Part 4)" (Coombes, Beresford, Russell, Solomon, recorded 14 January, 1975) and "I Didn't Get Up This Morning (Part 2)" (Todd, Beresford, Russell, Solomon, recorded 25 Fenruary, 1975) from Teatime, CD out on Emanem. Recorded by Martin Davidson, London (Unity Theatre), originally issued in 1975 as Incus LP 15

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