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Listen: Factory Floor & Hannah Sawtell at the ICA

March 2013

Stream audio from Sonic Lumps, the performance by Factory Floor's Nik Colk Void and Dominic Butler and artist Hannah Sawtell, from the ICA last year. The next instalment of Factory Floor's residency takes place on Thursday 14 March.

Void explains the process they used. "I recorded a direct feed from Dominic's modular synth every ten seconds, bounced it to MP3 then passed it to Hannah on a memory stick. The audience could hear a live feed from Dominic's initial analogue sound mixed with the delayed recordings digitally reworked by Hannah. I also recorded a range of extended vocal techniques during the performance, these momentary recordings were then passed to Hannah to regurgitate via her digital program."

The performance took place in Sawtell's Osculator installation, which comprises an acoustic wall and a large video screen. "The layout of the installation means the audience can move around the room," she says, "between the trucks on the video screen and the seven meter acoustic wall... the wall alters sound, makes you feel it, depending on where you stand in relation to the parabola."

Sonic Lumps took place on 17 November 2012. Factory Floor's ongoing residency at London's ICA takes place this Thursday with Simon Fisher Turner performing with Factory Floor's Gabriel Gurnsey and Dominic Butler, and Nik Colk Void providing visuals.

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