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Listen: Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band track

December 2014

Listen to a track from Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band's new album

Steve Barker reviews Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band's 21st Century Molam in The Wire 371: "The rhythms are in an indefinable rocking style, sounding something like Appalachian surf breakdowns or Middle Eastern hillbilly duels. South East Asian music specialist Chris Menist, back in the UK after a number of years in Bangkok and elsewhere, appears to be the percussion swivel around which this combo whirls – he also runs the Paradise Bangkok club events alongside ZudRangMa’s Maft Sai in Thailand and beyond."

In his Size Matters column in the same issue, Byron Coley had this to say about their “Roob Lor Pu Tai” single: "A contemporary quintet from Thailand, dedicated to creating a new version of the swinging sounds of Siam. To the untrained ear (such as mine) it comes off as pretty damn authentique. Nicely straightforward rock music, but with Thai note clusters and odd scrambling at the edges."

21st Century Molam is released by Studio Lam


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