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Listen: Marissa Nadler tracks

March 2014

Stream two tracks by the singer, songwriter and guitarist, tested in The Wire 362 Invisible Jukebox by Damon Krukowski.

Marissa Nadler started out painting, studying at the Rhode Island School of Design. Soon after, Nadler focused on making music, releasing her first album, Ballads Of Living And Dying, in 2004 on Eclipse. Though Nadler's songs take inspiration from US folk and country music, she also recorded vocals for Scott Connor's LA based black metal outfit Xasthur, on their Portal Of Sorrow album. Her sixth album, July (out April 2014) features production work from Randall Dunn, known for his work with metal groups like Sunn O))), Earth and Boris.

Both "Drive" and "Dead City Emily" are from July, out on Bella Union and Sacred Bones.


I like it. I prefer Dead City Emily, I wonder if the song is related to Emily Dickinson. Beautiful atmosphere I dig the acid folk ambiance. I wanna know more about the artist.

Kudos to the photographer. Looks like a Rembrandt painting.

Enjoyed interview in Wire, agree totally with comments about 'bad singers' etc. Also, amazing taste in music in the references Marissa cites. I like the atmosphere in these recordings, yes, haunting probably is the word. Marissa has something to say and says it in an intriguing way. I will be investigating her music further thanks to Wire.
Phil Jackson, musician and reviewer.

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